Monday, August 22, 2011

It's been forever...

I read blogs all the time, but find I don't have time to do my own. So it's been forever since my last post, but I wanted to get a few things on here. Since moving into our house last December, we've done a ton of work. Up front, most of it was those pesky little things you just have to get done...building a kitchen, installing floors, painting over the know, the basics.

Well after doing all that, I found my energy for decorating just wasn't there. Until recently. Somehow the desire to create a home that is ours surfaced from the depths of wherever it had been hidden. Perhaps somewhere in 'It's not that fun to buy a fixer home-dom'. But regardless of where it went, it's finally come back almost 8 months later. And here's what we've done.

We have this cute little sleeping porch on the back of the house. In preparation for some weekend guests, I finally got around to finishing least a little more. And here are the before and after pics.

At least it was white and crisp to start

But add a splash of color and voila!

The paper lanterns where a perfect addition...and they make great night lights!

A nice place to sit and read with a cup of tea or that morning latte!

Next project...the dining room. I've got all the to find the time!

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